My Holidays

During my holidays my family and I were looking for a dog. We had been to many places to find a dog but nothing was right until we saw our new dog that we named Buckley.


My family and I drove to a place in Richmond called Victoria Gardens, where we saw in the window, a cute dog playing with his friends. We didn’t know what breed he was but that did not matter to us. We asked the lady if we could see the dog and when she took him out we played with him and then we said we will take him. The lady said that we can pick him up on Monday or later in the week.


The next day we were out at Pet Barn buying things for him. It was torture. We were just waiting for him. Until Monday came. The lady  called us and told us Wednesday definitely. So Wednesday came and everybody drove down and picked him up. We were so excited and he was too.


I am so happy we have a dog and I love him. I  think he loves us too. He still has a lot of work to be done but I think he is perfect.


My Term 1 reflection

This term I feel I have gotten better at my maths especially in the whole class contributes, and I am getting better at problem solving too. This year my favorite thing has been able to teach others from our  own knowledge during our plts (personal learning task) which was my favorite thing of the year.                                                

My Buddy’s

Hi everyone today I am going to talk about my prep buddy. At my school we have buddy’s and I have 2. One’s name is Kate and the others name is kiarra.


she likes playing in the sand pit with her friends,play tiggy with her friends.

favorite colors: blue red orange and green

favorite song:s hake it off by Taylor swift


she likes: playing on the playground,going on the monkey bars

favorite colors:purple and blue

favorite song: hey brother

kiarra                             kate

Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 1.14.50 PM

Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 1.18.34 PM

My goals for 2016

This year my goal is simple, but hard. I want to learn all my times tables off by heart. I also want to get better at my maths. This year I feel passionate about these goals because  I am going to push myself into doing these goals and prove to myself  I can do it.

What are your goals for 2016?


Tree Surfing at Rye

As I am in the harness room getting geared up by the Tree surfing helpers, I jump up and down with excitement while looking at my brother, my sister and the twins, Jack and Amy. I am ready to go, so we head to the course and clip on  the harness and I’m ready to jump on level one.  I am wobbling on the small, tight steps and I am sure glad I have a harness. As I am at the end of the course all I need to do is slide down the zip line. Here I go!!!  3, 2, 1!  And off I go, sliding down the zip line, then I come to a stop and fall on my butt. I think it’s time for level 2.

I am at this big, big wobbly tunnel  and my brother is telling me what to do because crawling hurts your knees. I listen carefully  and I am nervous but when I get through it, I realise it was a breeze. How fun it was but we did miss level 5 because it was closed but we went rock climbing instead and I was the first one to the top.  

I loved going tree top surfing at Rye. I definitely will do it again.

Bottled water vs Tap water

Do you buy bottled water… well here is their the reality.  Have you ever drank Fiji water? Well they made a big mistake when advertising their water and tests have shown that tap water taste a lot better than Fiji water. Bottled water cost 2,000 times more that tap water. All over the world, people consistently choose tap water over bottled water. In the U.S,  half a billion bottles of water every week is bought and that is nearly enough to circle the world five times. People make you feel scared if you don’t buy their product.

These are true facts and I hope you change the way you think about bottled water and what the story is behind them.l_tap-water-1200.jpg (1200×675)

bottle-large-v2.png (189×501)

2015 Year Review

This year has been an amazing year for me especially in the maths department. At the start of the year I was struggling in maths and now I fell that I have improved a lot. I now understand a lot  more and this term when we are revising the thing we learnt at the start of year are making  a lot more scenes .  This year as been fun and exciting and even know there has been bumps in the road this year has been one of the best. 


How was 2015  fun and exiting for you? 




Our whole school production

On Thursday October 29th, my school had a production called Beyond the Autumn Mist. It was about a friendly dragon who wanted to be in a fairy tale after his life long friend, Jackie paper, came no more. Each class performed a signing and dancing song to go with their fairy tale. The seniors tried out for a main part in the production. I was lucky enough to be able to get the part as Little Red Riding Hood.

I thought that everyone did an amazing job at the production.

Here are some photos of the rehearsal and what we looked like.

Protecting Our Common Home

Have you ever thrown something on the ground and then not cared or thought about what it might do to our world and if it might harm anyone or anything … Well I can tell you right now people do this and do harm people and in fact more then just people- living creatures that we share our world or common home with.Well you should think and you should care because slowly our world is disintegrating and dying and this is mostly because of humans.  yay