Today we watched a video about landfill and the stages of what rubbish goes through to get to it’s final stop. The first stop after being used is the bin then the the truck which takes it to a place called the transfer station where the  rubbish is sorted to make sure no recyclables end up in landfill. From the transfer station it goes to landfill were a truck is waiting for it so that it can drive over the rubbish to keep it compacted and together so nothing fly’s away. When the rubbish is stuck together they dig a hole in the ground and put rubbish in it with a layer of soil in between the rubbish.Then on top of the hole of rubbish  trees and plants are grown. When all the rubbish is compacted  methane and carbon dioxide is let off and this is good because they use this to create energy and electricity. That is stages of getting  rubbish to landfill. This process is estimated to last 50 years. When there is no more space they have to move and start it again with a new space of land. Next time you put rubbish in the bin make sure you put it in the right bin so that everything goes where it should and it is helping the environment. Do you put rubbish in the right bin?  

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