Term 3 Inquiry Reflection

What have I learnt about people, places and events of Australian history from the last century?

I feel that over this term I have learnt about a few people but from the plt that we did I have learnt about a person I had heard about but didn’t know much about and that was Edith Cowan. I learnt about what she did to help australia and women’s rights in the country. I have also learnt about the events or stages of making a bill into a law. I had know Idea about what the word or meaning of democracy is but now I can tell very easily. Democracy is the right to have a say or to vote and be able to be heard. I have also learnt about the suffragettes and what they did to shape australia’s rights.The suffragettes were really tough and were pushing for women to get a say and right to vote. I now know about henry parks the founder of federation or the king of federation and the speech he made about federation. Henry parks is responsible for making all of the colonies to unite and make one whole country.

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