Women’s Basketball Aust v.s France

Women’s basketball Aus v.s France

This match was an interesting battle and a great watch, with three pointers and lots of great defence. One of the amazing stand outs was that Penny Taylor drove straight through the defence to shoot an amazing three pointer.

The players weren’t going to give up. They were playing tough  with great, strong passes and lots movement. They couldn’t have done any better. Both teams pushed each other to play harder.

At the end of the day both teams played an amazing game even if the Opals won 89 to 71, and I think as an Aussie fan the Opal deserved that win and really played a great game.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Great to see your writing again. You created a really good feel in the Opals report. I also like the style of your blog. Well done!

    Mrs Y

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