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Today and yesterday I was writing a review on Alice through the looking glass. I was learning all the things you need to write a good review  I hope you enjoy the review I wrote and if you have any feed back please fell  free to tell me. Warning if you have not seen this move it dose include spoilers.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars




If you have seen Alice in Wonderland you will be familiar with the story line. This move was similar but different instead on the door it had a magic mirror which leads to a room with a smaller mirror which leads to the outside of the white queen’s palace. Alice has gone through both mirrors to find herself in wonderland to find out that there is something wrong with the hatter and that he has lost his muchness. So Alice must go back in time to save the hatter. Along the way she bumps into Time the new and very important character as she steals the cronagol a magic gold time ball that turns into a time machine where she goes back in time.  
What I liked I liked the different surprises and the jokes.I also love to see the characters background something I didn’t already know. I also enjoyed the connection to the first movie.
What I don’t like I didn’t really like the fashion in the scene where alice goes through the glass and I didn’t like the scene where she is about get shoot with a needle.
Acting I thought the acting was amazing. I love all the different ways the actors brought to life their characters.
Characters Alice,Time,White Queen, Red Queen,Mad Hatter, cheshire cat, mad hatters family, fruit people ect 

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