Popular Food in Australia Week 6 Blogging Challenge

In Australia we love chocolate and we love biscuits and this is a chocolate biscuit with a thin layer of milk chocolate with the middle . I love Tim Tams! They come in lots of flavors but I love original and double chocolate.

In Australia we also love our meat pies I know I love meat pies we usually have them for lunch or a snack but everyone is different. We have lots of meat pies all kinds of flavors but I like the the classic meat pies and I like party pies wich are a lot smaller than regular pies.

  In Australia we have Vegemite and not many other countries have or like Vegemite. We put Vegemite on toast, sandwiches, biscuits or cracker. We sometimes have it with eggs or avocado and many other things sometimes it depends on the person.

In Australia we also have fish and chips. Some countries have fish and chips but not all and I know Australia has it and I am a big fan of fish and chips. I know that most Australians like this for dinner lunch or a sank. I love fish and chips.



2 thoughts on “Popular Food in Australia Week 6 Blogging Challenge

  1. G’day Alexandra,

    This was a great blog entry as the pictures were colourful and exciting and your descriptions of the food was wonderful. Which of these foods is your favourite and why?

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge, make sure you check back in regularly!
    – Rian

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  2. Dear Alex ,

    I liked that you you did a blog post on popular Australian food !
    I like Tim Tam !
    Can you please do more blog posts !

    From Elva

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