My Holidays

During my holidays my family and I were looking for a dog. We had been to many places to find a dog but nothing was right until we saw our new dog that we named Buckley.


My family and I drove to a place in Richmond called Victoria Gardens, where we saw in the window, a cute dog playing with his friends. We didn’t know what breed he was but that did not matter to us. We asked the lady if we could see the dog and when she took him out we played with him and then we said we will take him. The lady said that we can pick him up on Monday or later in the week.


The next day we were out at Pet Barn buying things for him. It was torture. We were just waiting for him. Until Monday came. The lady  called us and told us Wednesday definitely. So Wednesday came and everybody drove down and picked him up. We were so excited and he was too.


I am so happy we have a dog and I love him. I  think he loves us too. He still has a lot of work to be done but I think he is perfect.


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