Tree Surfing at Rye

As I am in the harness room getting geared up by the Tree surfing helpers, I jump up and down with excitement while looking at my brother, my sister and the twins, Jack and Amy. I am ready to go, so we head to the course and clip on  the harness and I’m ready to jump on level one.  I am wobbling on the small, tight steps and I am sure glad I have a harness. As I am at the end of the course all I need to do is slide down the zip line. Here I go!!!  3, 2, 1!  And off I go, sliding down the zip line, then I come to a stop and fall on my butt. I think it’s time for level 2.

I am at this big, big wobbly tunnel  and my brother is telling me what to do because crawling hurts your knees. I listen carefully  and I am nervous but when I get through it, I realise it was a breeze. How fun it was but we did miss level 5 because it was closed but we went rock climbing instead and I was the first one to the top.  

I loved going tree top surfing at Rye. I definitely will do it again.