Protecting Our Common Home

Have you ever thrown something on the ground and then not cared or thought about what it might do to our world and if it might harm anyone or anything … Well I can tell you right now people do this and do harm people and in fact more then just people- living creatures that we share our world or common home with.Well you should think and you should care because slowly our world is disintegrating and dying and this is mostly because of humans.  yay

Transit Programme

Today My class  went to a transit programme and two people from Whitehorse Council came and talked to us about public transport.We learnt how to search for public transport  and the issues of safety and issues of health and the issues of the environment. We also learnt  about what to do when there is something is  wrong on the bus on at the train station or any place of transport.

It was  good to learn about the things to do when there are problem happening at these places.


How baboons have adapted to change?

In Kenya there is an anthropologist  called Shirley Strum who has been studying  olive baboons for 42 years.  She has learnt that the olive baboons are in big trouble and the human population is increasing . Another reason for the olive baboons being in trouble is climate change and environment change. Parts of Kenya are being degraded by land hungry humans and prickly. Some animals  suffer from the prickly pear because of its hairs but the olive baboons have come up with an intelligent idea to rub the prickly pear in the dirt  to get all of the hairs and then eat them.

The olive baboons have learnt to adapt to the way that we are living but we need to be not so land hungry and share out  world with other creatures that are living in out common home.

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