History Rap

History is awesome,  can’t you see ?                                                                                                                                                     This poem is done by my friend Jamie and 

It helps you with who you could be.                     

Everywhere you go History is there

History is important,

So you should care

Back and back history goes

It won’t make you fall in a doze

Every family story is different and unique

(D) family story goes back more than a week

The end

my bike poem

I have a new bike and it is the top of top

I got it from a fancy new shop

It is by far the most special gift

How far I go I do shift                                                        State_Bicycle_Cyclocross_SSCX_Thunderbird2_large.JPG (480×320)          

I go so long I just can’t stop

I always am scrambling  

I  also am rambling                                       

I love my bicycle it is the best

there is no doubt it is just blessed



Our Mini Fair

Today our school had a mini fair to raise money for Bahay Tuluyan.Our hole school enjoy it specially me !!!!. There were lots of stalls there and our class did the chocolate throw winch was very popular but my favorite  was the face paint and hair stall.It was a lot of fun, I really hope that we raised a lot of money. here are some photos  lets see if you can feel the fun