Reflection on my Confirmation

On Sunday I made my confirmation and now that I have made it I know about things that have been going on in this world and the inquiry unit justice also helps me. Well we have been preparing for our confirmation we have been doing  a booklet and they have the questions.

What might you….?

,THINK MORE ABOUT          ,

I and going to STOP getting bullied because I have been bullied and it is’t fair, and I am going to teach people that want to be taught to stand up for them selves.  Maybe even  pair them up with people who have gone through this problem to help them.

I am going to  THINK MORE ABOUT those who are also the bullies, because people have bullied a bully or maybe they have family issues ,but they shouldn’t take it out on anyone.

I am going to START to raise awareness of all the problems in this world ,by putting things on my blog and posters around my school.



My Favorite Animal

Hi Readers,

Today I am going to talk about my favorite animal,

My favorite animal is a snow leopard they live  in  up in the mountains and they are wight with black spots they are really vicious  a specially the female species when you go any were near them or there baby’s so you defiantly want to be on there good side.

I love them because they are beautiful animals and they are so brave and I just love them.

Some facts about snow leopards:

1. they live in the mountains of central Asia    baby-cub

2. snow leopards can get up  to the size of 125 cm long

3. snow leopards use there tails like scarves

4. snow leopards cant roar

5. snow leopards can jump to nine meters

They are my absolutely favorite animal I hope you find out more about snow leopard and and love them as much as me.

What is your favorite animal and why?


My Trip

Hello Readers,

For homework we have to Plan my next family holiday and  include a map, directions distances, and attractions at each place I stop.

City’s and days

  • London 10 days flight 21 hours and 31 min
  • Glasgow in Scotland 1 week flight 1 hour and 20 min
  • Copenhagen in Denmark 1week flight 20 hours and 11 min
  • To Brisbane flight 24 hours and 20 min
  • Brisbane to Melbourne 2 hours 20 min

Over all I spend 24 days in UK and Denmark.

This is my trip for homework I am so exited!

What  do you  think of my trip and where would you like to go?