Lesson on punctuation

Hello readers,

Today I am talking about punctuation.   Today I am going to give you some tips on good use of punctuation.

1: commas,  (, ) –  they are used for a pause.   Sometimes we can’t wait for the full stop.  Here are some examples :

Sanctuary park, is a great park to go to on weekends.

2: full stops.   This is a full stop (.) They are used to separate sentences and let you take a breath.  Here are some examples:

Yesterday I went to the movies.  I also went for ICE CREAM.

3: CAPITAL LETTERS.   They are used to start a sentence or to show expression. Here are some examples:

Yesterday I went to the movies . I also went for ICE CREAM.

So there you go.  Some simple tips on punctuation.

Bye from Alex.

Are you going to use these tips?





My Board Game

Hello readers,

For home work I made a board game and it is a board game that worn people that the littlest things can do the best thing this board game is called are you rich man or poor man and you have to get your 3 times tables right and you gt five dollars and you complete the 7 sacrament and it is really fun to do I wish that that you could play with it.

what would your board game be about?

game      pic

Up cycling day

bloging chalengeYou might of heard of up cycling because now I have my own day about it.

On this poster is some information,

On my poster it says that one weekend you invite all the people you know and you get scraps and you can make different things out of it and you can share it or wear it. So, please be a part of this and support the environment.

Are you going to be apart of this day?

planing a trip

eiffel-tower-paris-moulin-rouge-show-and-seine-river-cruise-in-paris-150305.jpg (674×446)Hello everyone you are probably wondering why do I have this image? well I am planning a trip to France for the student blogging challenge. So first I am going to look at the map to see were I want to go in France. map-paris-apartments.gif (735×498)Officially I am going to Paris and in Paris I am going to see  the Eiffel tower, Trocadero, Sacre-Coeur . They are all good place too see. Now to see what flight to catch.

I am going on Air France


Now I am going to plan my trip to Greece

 Now where am I going to go in Greece  I think I will go Olympla , Mereores , Veroia these again are all good places to go.

Olympic Airlines is the plan I am catching 

Now I am going to Italy  and I am definitely going to Rome and in Rome I am going to rome_map.jpg (450×347)I am going to  la Pisana, Osa, Aragon. These are all good places to go.


I am so so excited for my big trip see you when I get back then bye.


Have you ever been to these places?



My Challenge

Hi Readers,

You  know about the student blogging challenge that I do on my blog ? Well if you don’t then I will tell you ,every week they put up a challenge and you have write a post about it.

Well now I am going to do a similar thing here I am going to put a question on most of my posts and you have to see if you can answer them.

Are you going to answer these questions?