The Last Day Of Term 1

Wow, what a great term it has been. I have learnt so much since the start of the year and meeting new people or getting to know more about the people that I  all ready new it has been a great term for me and hopefully for you.

My Sister’s Post

Hi my name is Emma  and I am Alex’s younger sister

My favourite food is rainbow chicken

My least favourite food is tomatoes

My favourite colour is  green

I dance of 2 hours on a Tuesday one hour of ballet and one hour of jazz.’

This was part of Challenge 2

Activity 3: Have a family member write a post for you to add to your blog.

My Own Prayer Of Thanks

Thank you God for our life, thank you

Thank you God for our animals,thank you

Thank you God for our trees and plants, thank you

Thank you God for our school, thank you

Thank you God for a roof over our heads, thank you

Thank you God for our lovely beaches ,thank you

thankyougod.jpg (1600×810)Thank you God for food and water, thank you

Thank you  God for a caring family ,thank you

Thank you God for our rivers and fish, thank you                                    

Thank you God for loving us and being there for us, thank you

Thank you God for our friends, thank you

All About Commenting

What is a good comment? To me a good comment is to write some good feed back about how they can improve something  and it is differently NOT a chat.  So please on my blog I would like a good comment thank you.

up cycling

Up cycling seems boring? Right… well I can tell you one thing… it is not. Let me tell you what you can do.


First thing when it comes to up cycling  you’re saving so much rubbish from going to wasteland. What is waste land? You say well it is a place where all the rubbish goes to waste.  I know that is so disgusting so please don’t litter either.

Another reason is  you can have so much fun with it because you can make things like a bow out of toothpaste tubes or furniture  out of chocolate wrappers. It is actually  really fun.

Another thing is that you can be a part of 50 thousand Australian children that encourage this. so please if you see someone not thinking about what they’re throwing in the bin tell them about up cycling.  Hope this changes your mind about up cycling and will have fun with it.  14-cool-upcycling-shops-2014.png (920×349)

My Avatar

Screenshot 2015-03-02 at 12.27.26 PMThis is my avatar her name is Alex just like me. She is so cool she just like me in the way she looks  well that is what I think. It is really fun to make an Avatar  I hope you go and make one bye.