The Dream Giver

The Dream Giver is about this fairy kind guy that helps some children have good dreams. When one kid  accidentally knocked one of the dream eggs onto something bad, the dream became worse. The fairy type guy flies  by and stops the dream from getting worse.  This is the video enjoy.


Yum Yum Tuesday

Yum Yum Tuesday well that what I call it is really  called Shove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday  is all about the day before lent a time to give something up or do something.  There are different ways of calibrating this day but we well my school celibates  it by eating yummy pancakes with maple syrup   and caramel flavored syrup  yum am I right……. any way there are more ways than just that way to celebrate like in vanes they celebrate it with a festival called  carnival and in candida they make pancakes and put coins in it   and if you find the coin you will be rich and they put rings in them and if you find the ring you will be the first to marry and they put sausages on there pancakes yuk right what do you do to celibate……




About Me

What I Like                         My Favorite Songs            My Favorite Movies

1. Dancing                           1. stitches                                1. blended

2. netball                           2  hello                                     2. inside out

3. Performing                3. all about that bass

4. laughing