Today we watched a video about landfill and the stages of what rubbish goes through to get to it’s final stop. The first stop after being used is the bin then the the truck which takes it to a place called the transfer station where the  rubbish is sorted to make sure no recyclables end up in landfill. From the transfer station it goes to landfill were a truck is waiting for it so that it can drive over the rubbish to keep it compacted and together so nothing fly’s away. When the rubbish is stuck together they dig a hole in the ground and put rubbish in it with a layer of soil in between the rubbish.Then on top of the hole of rubbish  trees and plants are grown. When all the rubbish is compacted  methane and carbon dioxide is let off and this is good because they use this to create energy and electricity. That is stages of getting  rubbish to landfill. This process is estimated to last 50 years. When there is no more space they have to move and start it again with a new space of land. Next time you put rubbish in the bin make sure you put it in the right bin so that everything goes where it should and it is helping the environment. Do you put rubbish in the right bin?  

Information Report- Macquarie Island

                                                              Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island is a small island located in the southern ocean between Antarctica and New Zealand. Macquarie island was formed millions of years ago when Lava swam between the cracks between the pacific and the antarctic plates. All of the rocks from the bottom of the ocean floor was pushed up to form what we now know as Macquarie island.  


                                                                     Native Animals

Macquarie island is home to many native animals such as Elephant Seals, Hooker’s Sea Lion, Fur Seals, King penguins, Royal Penguins, Gentoo Penguins, Rockhopper Penguins and Albatrosses. On the island many of these animals have been harmed by humans and used for their resources. One type of animal that is being harmed is the penguins and they are being killed and used for oil.


                                                                      Native Plants

Macquarie island also has big beautiful herbs and plants that are native and been growing for many years and are a big part of macquarie island. There is around about 43 native plants. One native plant is Dicots, which look like: Plant with leaves arranged in a rosette (radiating from a central point); variable in size; including cushion plants.  



Macquarie island is a small island and is not extremely popular but is known amongst scientists and explorers for it’s past and present.  This place has a long interesting history and has had some problems and some break throughs. That is the story of Macquarie Island.



Antarctic platesThe Antarctic Plate is a tectonic plate containing the continent of Antarctica and extending outward under the surrounding oceans.

native- person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.

Resources- a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively.

Term 3 Inquiry Reflection

What have I learnt about people, places and events of Australian history from the last century?

I feel that over this term I have learnt about a few people but from the plt that we did I have learnt about a person I had heard about but didn’t know much about and that was Edith Cowan. I learnt about what she did to help australia and women’s rights in the country. I have also learnt about the events or stages of making a bill into a law. I had know Idea about what the word or meaning of democracy is but now I can tell very easily. Democracy is the right to have a say or to vote and be able to be heard. I have also learnt about the suffragettes and what they did to shape australia’s rights.The suffragettes were really tough and were pushing for women to get a say and right to vote. I now know about henry parks the founder of federation or the king of federation and the speech he made about federation. Henry parks is responsible for making all of the colonies to unite and make one whole country.

Women’s Basketball Aust v.s France

Women’s basketball Aus v.s France

This match was an interesting battle and a great watch, with three pointers and lots of great defence. One of the amazing stand outs was that Penny Taylor drove straight through the defence to shoot an amazing three pointer.

The players weren’t going to give up. They were playing tough  with great, strong passes and lots movement. They couldn’t have done any better. Both teams pushed each other to play harder.

At the end of the day both teams played an amazing game even if the Opals won 89 to 71, and I think as an Aussie fan the Opal deserved that win and really played a great game.

My Review

Hi readers,

Today and yesterday I was writing a review on Alice through the looking glass. I was learning all the things you need to write a good review  I hope you enjoy the review I wrote and if you have any feed back please fell  free to tell me. Warning if you have not seen this move it dose include spoilers.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars




If you have seen Alice in Wonderland you will be familiar with the story line. This move was similar but different instead on the door it had a magic mirror which leads to a room with a smaller mirror which leads to the outside of the white queen’s palace. Alice has gone through both mirrors to find herself in wonderland to find out that there is something wrong with the hatter and that he has lost his muchness. So Alice must go back in time to save the hatter. Along the way she bumps into Time the new and very important character as she steals the cronagol a magic gold time ball that turns into a time machine where she goes back in time.  
What I liked I liked the different surprises and the jokes.I also love to see the characters background something I didn’t already know. I also enjoyed the connection to the first movie.
What I don’t like I didn’t really like the fashion in the scene where alice goes through the glass and I didn’t like the scene where she is about get shoot with a needle.
Acting I thought the acting was amazing. I love all the different ways the actors brought to life their characters.
Characters Alice,Time,White Queen, Red Queen,Mad Hatter, cheshire cat, mad hatters family, fruit people ect 

A Reflection on this Term

Hi Readers,

This term has been one to remember because we have written picture books and  lent new skills about how to more descriptive writing. We have also  all about  Physics a science I didn’t really know anything about.I also now know about nuclear energy and energy I didn’t know anything about but now I do.We also went to science works and learnt about how to stay safe around  lightning. We also went to many sport competitions my favorite was the winter sports were I played  netball. I also enjoyed playing soccer.  I am looking forward to learning about history next term.

Thanks Alex










Popular Food in Australia Week 6 Blogging Challenge

In Australia we love chocolate and we love biscuits and this is a chocolate biscuit with a thin layer of milk chocolate with the middle . I love Tim Tams! They come in lots of flavors but I love original and double chocolate.

In Australia we also love our meat pies I know I love meat pies we usually have them for lunch or a snack but everyone is different. We have lots of meat pies all kinds of flavors but I like the the classic meat pies and I like party pies wich are a lot smaller than regular pies.

  In Australia we have Vegemite and not many other countries have or like Vegemite. We put Vegemite on toast, sandwiches, biscuits or cracker. We sometimes have it with eggs or avocado and many other things sometimes it depends on the person.

In Australia we also have fish and chips. Some countries have fish and chips but not all and I know Australia has it and I am a big fan of fish and chips. I know that most Australians like this for dinner lunch or a sank. I love fish and chips.



We should do a P.E lesson everyday

I don’t agree with this at all.  I don’t understand why people would a have P.E lesson everyday.   Would you want a P.E lesson everyday?

I believe that this is not a good idea. Generally kids get tired after doing sport everyday, I mean, I would. We need a break after doing a whole of sport everyday.

I also think that if we are doing sport everyday then it is taking time away  from classroom learning. Think of what you could be doing instead of playing sport like maths or reading. I feel that, that benefits you more than sport.

I also think about the weather sometimes it is really hot and you have to do sport and you’re not  focused on learning the sport you are focused on the weather. Same with the cold weather you will be focused on trying to stay warm.

My final reason is that not everyone likes sport and would not be enjoying what they are doing and that would be a waste of time.

At the end of the day it is up to you and what you think but I believe that doing a P.E lesson everyday is not the best thing for every student.